Embedded Files

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You can embed any binary file in the project. It could be exe file, text file, pdf file etc.

Please make sure that you don't use this as a storage for your files. You should embed only if it is necessary.

Please use big files outside the project - don't embed them - they will slow down the startup of your application.

How to access embedded files.

Where normally you use <SrcDir> in case of embedded files you use <Embedded> prefix.


We embedded setup.exe into the project.

To call the file we use script


What to embed?

Exe files are usually not a good idea to embed, however you can use embedded files for:

- jpg for VR panorama

- html files for HTML Object

- text files, etc.

- files for Binding (if not big)

Note: Custom Cursors are always embedded as Embedded Files.

Please don't embed AVI, MPG, OGG or some other big files if it is not necessary. These files are usually big and uncompressing them takes additional time.