What's new in 4.9.8?

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Updated 4.9.8 (


+Added an option to enable window Maximize and Resize (by dragging the application border). These new options can be found in Project Settings.
+Added Maximized and IsMaximized() scripting function - to detect if the window is in maximized state.
+Added an option to run MMB scripts from HTML page (loaded in Browser object).


-Fixed problem with Flash fscommand.
-PluginGet/PluginSet now supports correct notation of string variable arrays - str$[idx]
-Fixed the size of rectangle object placed above the windowed objects (like HTML, Flash or ListBox).
-Fixed the primitive object border color bug (the border color field is enabled, even though is selected none, sunken or windows).
-Fixed font bug in Text object (the Text object created from script inherits the font, which was previously set to another object - designer related problem).
-Fixed crash in StrDel if count index > number of characters in passed string (designer related crash).

Initial 4.9.8 (


+Added new Script function RunScriptCode("parameter1","parameter2") for running external scripts.
       parameter1: string or string variable holding the script source code
       parameter2: 0=quiet parsing, 1=loud parsing (1 = runtime errors are displayed)
+Added an option to run MMB scripts from 3rd party plugins (see MMBPlugInSDK.h and CommandLine.dll sample)
+Added 1000 new ScriptTimers - should be enough for all ;)
The syntax of new timers is following: ScriptTimer("Timer1=name",100") to ScriptTimer("Timer1000=name","100").
Original Timers (TimerA,TimerB,TimerC) remains also in 4.9.8, but it's recommended not to use them in new projects. TimerA=Timer1, TimerB=Timer2, TimerC=Timer3
+Added an option to Delete objects in a runtime using the DeleteObject("name$") function - good for freeing memory.
+Added an option to create objects in a runtime (via Script):
Text Button - CreateTextButton("inlabel","outlabel$,x,y,w,h,text")
Text Label - CreateText("inlabel","outlabel$,x,y,text")
Paragraph - CreateParagraph("inlabel","outlabel$,x,y,w,h,text")
Circle - CreateCircle("inlabel","outlabel$,x,y,w,h,r,g,b")
Line (relative positioning) - CreateLine("inlabel","outlabel$,x,y,w,h,r,g,b")
Line (absolute positioning) - CreateLineAB("inlabel","outlabel$,x1,y1,x2,y2,r,g,b")
Rectangle - CreateRectangle("inlabel","outlabel$,x,y,w,h,r,g,b")
HotSpot - CreateHotSpot("inlabel","outlabel$,x,y,w,h")
Script object - CreateScript("inlabel","outlabel$")
+Extended SetObjectParam function to allow changing the object's script:
Added new parameters in SetObjectParam (parameter:subparameter=value):
For Circle, HotSpot, Rectangle, Text, Text Button, Bitmap and Bitmap Button:
subparameter: 0 - quiet parsing or 1 - loud parsing
value: source code/variable$
** this adds (replaces the actual object's script with..) "Message" function to "obj" object (with loud parsing)
SetObjectParam("obj","MOUSEUPSCRIPT:1=Message("Hello there!","")")
** the same as above now with using the string variable (quite parsing)
For Script object:
parameter: SCRIPT
subparameter: 0 - quiet parsing or 1 - loud parsing
value: source code/variable$
SetObjectParam("obj","SCRIPT:1=Message("Hello there!","")")
+Added an option to change the size of selected object from keyboard (in designer) - Ctrl/Shift + Left/Up/Right/Down
+Added an option to change the Line orientation and size using the - (minus) value in the Dimensions panel
+Added an option to use zero or negative width/height in object creation scripts (good mainly for Line creation).
+Added CBK_AppFileName, which returns the filename of actual project (in format "Name"."Ext").
+Added an option to change/delete the content of "Comments" field in runtime player File Version info (the one displaying "Created with Multimedia Builder, version x.x.x"). This requires purchasing of special comment unlock code. After entering the correct code into MMB >> About box there will be displayed new "Comments" field in "Compile" dialog.


-Fixed MS VISTA compatibility problems. So MMB is now MS Vista Ready :)
-Fixed incorrect FONTSTYLE and FONTEFFECT behavior.
-Fixed WinXP manifest in designer/player resources.
-Fixed 4.9.7 bug that caused MediaFX plugin to stop working.
-Fixed 'ya' cyrillic character in EditBox.
-Fixed Script Editor background color. The color is now obtained from system settings.
-Fixed minor bug in script text color highlighting.
-Fixed the keyboard input to allow to send <Left> and <Right> keys to windowed objects (e.g. HTML object).
-Fixed recursive calling of scripts in Page Start/End script (and so the crash caused by recursive calls).
-Fixed bug with decimal number entries in EditBox object. Previously, the decimal numbers were always converted to Integer, even if the EditBox was set to Float.
-Fixed double click selection of a long text in scrollable EditBox.
-Fixed the "Windows Desktop Component" (menu Project >> Project Settings) allowing to run the application on a Desktop.
-Fixed overwriting of the first line in text file using the function StrToLine.
-Fixed crash caused by "Vertical Flip" effect, applied on a resized Bitmap object.
-Fixed reading of large files using the StrFromFile. Sometimes it read were read two lines instead of just one.
-Fixed sending of command line parameters to an already running application with "Allow only one instance" switch. Previously, the parameter sent to one selected application was sent to all running MMB apps;)
-Fixed displaying of Horizontal Scrollbar if the ListBox is hidden, filled and shown via script.
-Fixed "Cover Windows Taskbar" switch if selected "Full Screen Background". It now works correctly and the full screen background is now automatically updated after resizing the taskbar or changing the screen resolution.
-Fixed displaying text of specific length in the Paragraph object.
-Fixed reading of single line file created by StrToFile and its reading by StrFromFile.
-Fixed PrintPage crash caused by resizing of the application window using the SysCommand function.
-Fixed disappearing of the FullScreen background after maximizing the application window and pressing the <ESC> key (instead of exiting the project).
-Fixed displaying of CBK_ReturnVal in debug window.
-Fixed "Minimize" function and Full Screen background if the Minimize is used from Page Start script.


+Modified Line settings dialog:
Values x1,y1 are now coordinates of first point in Line object, while the values x2,y2 are coordinates of second (end) point in Line. Previously, these values were the coordinates of left/top - bottom/right corner of the Line bounding box.
Allowing to use negative Line coordinate values.
+Changed version of mbd file. The files saved with 4.9.8 will no longer openable in 4.9.7!